6 Tips for Improving Your Social Media Marketing

When done appropriately, social media marketing can be very beneficial for your business. In fact, there is no better way to tell the general public about your products and services if not through social media. Attaining your social media marketing goal needs a particular amount of commitment. You also need to take certain measures to attract the right audience. In this post, we will give you tips to help improve your social media marketing .

Make use of Top Quality Images

Social media audience are more fascinated with a page that contains high-quality images and matching color schemes. The credibility of your business and the value of your products will be judged by the quality of your social media page. Displaying your products with high-quality images can be the charming difference between feather shuttlecocks and a high rate of conversion.

Remake and Repost Successful Contents

Who says you can’t bring back a content that once got a lot of views? This is an incredible social media marketing technique most brands often overlook. There is a reason why that superb content performed incredibly well. Carefully consider some of your previous contents that were well received by your audience.  Update them, and make some modification. Improve on them and make them relate to the current happenings in the society. Share with your audience once again.

Incorporate Audio

Another way to improve your social media marketing endeavors is to incorporate audio into your contents. People like what they hear. When you include audio, you will be able to connect more with your fans and followers.

Attract the Right Audience with Infographics

Infographics make it possible for you to pass across information faster. At the same time, your audience will also be able to understand faster. Since infographics are clear and sound, social media audience like infographics. It will help your brand become a more popular.

Encourage Customer’s Feedback

Furthermore, you can get the best out of your social media marketing by encouraging feedback from customers. This offers you a great avenue to learn from your customers about your products and services. You can use these feedbacks and suggestions to improve the quality of products and service you offer.

Provide added value to your customers

Finally, to improve your social media marketing strategies, you need to provide added value to customers. Your priority in social media marketing should be keeping your current customers and attracting potential customers. You must be able to provide a solution to their immediate problems. Offering exactly what they desire with a little extra benefit. This will help you retain their loyalty and trust. Services such as free webinars, consultation, discounts, referral benefit, are simply perfect.

There you have it! The above are a couple of tips to help improve your social media marketing. We hope that you can use these tips to augment your strategy.

5 Smart & Easy Facebook Marketing Ideas

With over one billion daily visitors on Facebook, this social media platform offers an incredible opportunity for various business and brands to reach out to a large group of audience. However, if not done properly, your online marketing strategies will only go to waste.

Today, every brand has a presence on Facebook. Standing out from your competitors have become quite challenging. You need to be shrewd in terms of Facebook marketing strategies you employ to reach your target audience. In this post, we will be giving you some a couple of smart and easy Facebook marketing ideas that will help you in growing both your business and LinkedIn leads through Facebook.


Target an Insanely Particular Audience

As you all know, there is no size fits all. This means that your product is for a particular group of audience, age range, class of the society, and so forth. To get the best out of your Facebook marketing strategies, you need target an insanely particular audience that your products and services are meant for. Hence, by employing the right demographics data and statistics, you will be able to get your products to the right audience.


Increase Engagement by Running a Simple Contest

In addition, you must have been hearing about Facebook contents, have you ever considered trying one for your business? One of the most incredible ways to increase ad engagement on Facebook is by running a contest with an enticing incentive. You can simply give them a simple task or contest to do and reward the winner. This may range from taking pictures of your product, or telling you what they like best about your product. This enough, can drive insane traffic to your page. This way, you are optimizing your Facebook marketing strategies.


Create Short, Enticing Video Posts for Facebook Marketing

However, as much as people love the “video experience,” the major mistakes brands make is posting too long videos. No one wants to spend 5 minutes watching what you have to say. Short, enticing, and straight-to-the-point. This will catch the attention of your audience, make them watch. In fact, they can even share with their friends and loved ones if they find interesting. This way, they are helping you spread the news about your business.


Post Images of Babies Acting Like Adults or Dogs Acting Like Humans

As weird as this might sound, it actually works. Everyone loves babies and dogs. Even if they are not related to your brand, be creative and find a way to make them relate. In addition, give them hilarious but creative brand-related captions. These adorable images of babies and dogs doing the unthinkable will definitely catch the attention of your audience.


Target Your Existing Leads for Facebook Marketing

Another way to get the best out of your Facebook marketing endeavors is to target your existing leads. Simply upload the email list you’ve gathered over the years, and display your ads to them. Make use of the Custom Audiences feature on Facebook to target the leads you’ve gathered from your newsletter signup and other lead generation avenues. You can also target your loyal customers or group of your new customers.


There you have it! The following are a couple of smart and easy tips to help you get the best out of your Facebook marketing endeavors.

Social Media Cheat Sheet

Here is an example cheat sheet for social media effectiveness. This write-up was created as an example for a Therapist in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Disconnect the repost to Twitter:

Take one minute to go over to Twitter and post the photo itself so it’s not always linking to Instagram.

Is your website matching in branding to your social accounts?


Key Questions to help guide your posts on social:

What are some descriptive words for the personality your brand should be communicating on social?

Outgoing, Self-aware, Proactive, Preventative, Educating

What do you want people to come away with?


Start thinking about their relationships, and how they can help themselves; To take a proactive and preventative stance. Start working on it.


What action do you want them to take after they interact with you?


Contact you to start coaching services. Come to a talks or events.



Tools to get started:


  1. Buffer.com for scheduling posts. The tool gives you suggestions for when to post so you don’t have to worry about it.
  2. Buffer.com Google Chrome Extension – This allows you to quickly pin, post, tweet anything from around the web very easily. – Safari Extension
  3. Utilize Hashtagify.me to get related hashtags and shoot for 10 every post, Example: http://hashtagify.me/hashtag/counseling #counseling = #mindfulness #therapy #couples #marriage #love #mentalhealth #relationship #psychology #socialwork (If you start getting a lot of interaction, you can post these as the first comment and they won’t be part of the caption when a lot of people comment. )
  4. Archie.co to automatically like certain hashtags and get more people seeing your account on both Twitter and Instagram.
  5. Archie.co to automatically like, repin, and follow people on Pinterest and get traction there.
  6. ManageFlitter.com – to quickly follow people who are following those similar to you. For instance, relationship coaches in Minneapolis
  7. Autoclick – to make this all go faster








Find more by Name – and copy their followers on Twitter: http://www.networktherapy.com/MN/Minneapolis-Therapists/

By following the followers of people similar to you, you’re basically pinging them and showing that you exist. Try to be regularly posting about your services, occasionally sharing specifics of what you offer so it’s clear about what you do.

  1. Use PicMonkey or Canva for your featured images, and to share on Social Media.

Ideal Rhythm for different platforms:

Don’t get too hung up on the rhythm of your social media posts. Rhythm matters to a degree – don’t go a week without posting, but quality matters most. In a general way though, here are some rules of thumb about posting to social media to get you off the ground.

  1. 2 or 3 tweets a day – Up to 10 or 15 if it’s something very interesting.
  2. 1-3 Instagram posts a day (unless of course you’re doing something amazing)
  3. Once a day for Facebook


All of these sites run an algorithm that will reward high quality, highly engaged posts. So if you are going to post – make sure it’s good and think about your prime demographic so it will attract the people you want there. 

Types of posts:

Use a beautiful image and overlay text – the app Over

Any image you want with an inspirational quote

Statistics and figures about relationships and happiness – Nuggets of value on the platform itself

Pictures of your self enjoying things that demonstrate a certain amount of success, which is likely attractive to possible clients – ‘Join me as I live my best life’ vibe

Try to not post the same kind of thing a bunch in a row


Other apps:

A color story – great photo color app to make photos feel a little more pro

Video to gif

Lively – makes iPhone moving photos in to video or gif

Slolapse – slow to fast manipulation of speed


Other notes unrelated to Social Media


  1. You should consider going after high intent keywords on your blog. For instance: “relationship coach Minneapolis” & “Minneapolis Counseling” – You are currently doing well for ‘relationship coach’ in this area. If you created content (1000 words) around relationship coach, and sprinkle ‘relationship coach Minneapolis’ and find a tasteful way to show it with some images left and right aligned your home page will rank better guaranteed
  2. When you guest post on websites, try to link back to your site with these types of Terms so that it effects your search engine ranking for these terms: ‘relationship coach Minneapolis’ ‘Couples Counseling’ ‘Minneapolis counseling’ ‘Marriage Counselor Minneapolis Mn’ ‘Marriage Counselor Minneapolis’ and ‘Minneapolis Counselor’ – Look for terms to target here: https://ahrefs.com/keywords-explorer/overview/v2/us/1/volume_desc?keyword=minneapolis%20counselor&filter=all


  1. Take a close look at what competitors are blogging about and try to learn from what they’re doing, and exceed it. http://www.monikahoyt.com/blog/
  2. Try to get guest posts on high Domain Authority websites if at all possible. Places like ‘Lifehack.org’ accept guest posts and if you look into different psychology / relationship coaching websites and try to get guest posts and leave a tasteful link back to your website you’re going to really increase your search ranking.
  3. Look at competitors link profiles by typing their domain into this tool https://ahrefs.com/site-explorer , and consider how you might get some of those links for yourself. More search engine traffic means more possible customers, and more possible customers means getting to choose the ones you want. Example: https://ahrefs.com/site-explorer/backlinks/v5/external/subdomains/fresh/all/all/1/ahrefs_rank_desc?target=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.monikahoyt.com%2F